Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Bridal Bouquet Basics

There is more than just flowers that go into designing a bridal bouquet.
When working with your florist, consider some these pointers to make your bouquet fit perfectly into all aspects of your big day!

Your bouquet should complement your figure, not compete with it. It is important to have an arrangement that is proportional to your body. 

Dress Shape
Your dress and your bouquet should harmonize and enhance one another. If your gown is very simple, that leaves room for a more elaborate bouquet. Gowns with more embellishments should be accompanied by simpler arrangements. 

Photo courtesy of Vogue

Your venue can influence how your bouquet looks as well.  If you’re getting married in an outdoor space, don’t compete with the existing vegetation. Natural bouquets complement intimate outdoor weddings quite nicely.  For a more traditional wedding venue, a simpler arrangement with clean lines will do wonders. 

Photo courtesy of Rustic Wedding Chic
Create a price point and stick to it.  Decide which flowers you can’t live without and which flowers you’d be willing to find alternatives for. Your florist can help you create the bouquet of your dreams at a price you love. 

AE Tip: Using flowers that are in season can help you save a few pennies. Here's a handy site to see what blooms will be in season on your special day. 
Make sure your florals complement your color scheme.  It doesn’t have to match completely, but should certainly not clash.

Photo courtesy of Sweet Chic Events

AE Tip:  When in doubt, just remember that your bouquet should be reflective of your unique tastes and personality.  Be careful not to stray too far from your natural taste.  

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Send Them Off In Style

Celebrate the brand new couple!
AE has a few suggestions that will send you off in style! 

Photo Courtesy of United with Love

Bubbles. For the whimsical couple! Each guests will receive a mini bottle of bubbles, a hit with the kids!

Sprinkles. Walking on the sweeter side... Sprinkles come in an assortment of colors and shapes to match your special day.

Confetti. Let's get the party started! Popped, tossed, or sprinkled, this send off will have guests ready to move and groove at the reception!

Flowers. For the classic couple. Flower peddles give off a romantic vibe and gorgeous photos.

Wheat. Gives the slightest country feel.  Perfect to lead into a reception that will be outdoors!

AE Tip: Be sure to check with your ceremony venue or church to make sure there are no restrictions on what is allowed to be tossed.  Alway check on clean up rules - leaving the area in pristine condition is the best bet!

Monday, August 4, 2014

AE Tip: Wedding Hashtags

To hashtag or not to hashtag?

Photo Courtesy of Etsy
Hashtags can offer couples instant gratification with countless candid photos that photographers may miss. However, photos popping up on social media accounts can make other couples shutter at the thought.

On the big day, make your opinion of social media present. Advertise your hashtag on swizzle sticks, napkins, or table cards. For the more private couple, simply asks guests to get unplugged! 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Bridesmaids Commandments

AE offers some advice to help you navigate your bestie's big day-
Be the best bridesmaid you can be!

Photo Courtesy of the Wedding Party

1. Be agreeable. Give a blanket approval for anything and everything the bride has planned, its her day after all. 

2. Take charge! Plan a drama free shower or bachelorette party.

3. Make friends. The bridal party will be your new best friends until the big day, and possibly some future friends too! 

4. Speak carefully. Weddings can bring out a little bit of stress, little comments could mean big blow ups. 

5. Pick up the phone. Avoid passive aggressive texts and emails by simply making a phone call. 

6. Try on your dress. Making sure it fits is privy to the big day.

7. Consider hair and make-up. Make sure your style and ideas are within the brides vision. 

8. This isn't about you. At all. Keep your opinions to yourself, you're there to support the bride and groom!

9. Drink responsibly. Your duties go all night, not to mention your presence in the wedding photos. Smudged make-up and a stained dress? No thank you! 

10. Have a ball! Dinner, drinks, dancing?! Enjoy it! 

Monday, July 21, 2014

AE tip: Signature Drink

You can never go wrong with bringing a signature cocktail into the mix..

AE loves to coordinate a specialty drink with the theme of the party!

Photo Courtesy of Indulgy

.. & it's always nice to keep it seasonal!

Summer bash?
Something light and fruity.

Baby shower?
Offer a mocktail.

Fall gathering?
Try a hot cider. 

Friday, July 18, 2014

Happy Hour: Watermelon Fizz

Mix up your morning mimosas with this summer fresh cocktail!

Watermelon Fizz
Photo Courtesy of Diane, A Broad

This simple recipe follows: 

1 small watermelon 
 2 limes
1 bottle of champagne 

Peel and cube the the watermelon; puree in a blender or food processor. Strain the watermelon through a fine mesh strainer.  Squeeze the lime into the strained watermelon juice and top with champagne. Give the cocktail a big stir and serve in your favorite glasses! 

As always, enjoy responsibly! 
Xo, AE

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Dress Shopping Tips

Where should you start? 
Without a little organization, dress shopping for the big day can be slightly overwhelming.

AE has a few simple steps to get you started off on the right foot! 

Photo Courtesy of Kitty Haw

Step 1: Set your budget. Once you know how much money you have to spend, figure out which stores fit in your price range. 

Step 2: Book your venue. Make sure to keep the season and site in mind when picking out your gown. A long heavy train on the beach?! No way!

Step 3: Do your research. Have fun flipping through magazines, get ideas and inspiration! Try to zero in on what styles and designers you like the best, this will help narrow down your options in the store. 

Step 4: Find your shopping personality. What kind of experience are you looking for? Quite, intimate time with mom? Check local bridal shops. A weekend getaway with girlfriends? Go to a destination salon. 

Happy Shopping!! 

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Cake Alternatives

Don't have a preference for cake?
AE has a few splendid ideas that will surely satisfy your sweet tooth! 

Dessert Bar. This is a great alternative for the indecisive bride. Pick out all your favorite sweet treats for guests to pick and choose! 

Photo Courtesy of Stylish Soiree

AE Tip: Adding flowers, balloons, or candles to the dessert table will make it a gorgeous focal point.

Macarons. These French cookies are ideal for the gluten-free bride. Made with almond flour, these gorgeous cookies will satisfy dietary needs, and are tasty too! 

Photo Courtesy of Knot Notes

S'mores. Although this gooey delight will have guests coming back for more, not all venues can accommodate, so make sure to double check! 

Photo Courtesy of Confetti Rentals

AE Tip: If you aren't able to toast the mallows, send the fixings home with guests as a farewell gift!

Candy Bar. Pick all your favorite candies: chocolate, fruity, hard, and soft. Guests will enjoy snacking all evening! 

Photo Courtesy of It's a Brides Life

Decided on a cake alternative for your big day?!
Purchasing a small ceremonial cake to cut in front of guests incorporates a traditional touch
& a great photo moment.

Monday, July 7, 2014

AE Tip: Dietary Restrictions & Dinner Parties

Gluten Free? Vegan? Vegetarian? 
Food allergies and diets can make eating out and attending parties seem somewhat challenging. 
AE has a few tips and tricks to make you (and your stomach!) happy.

Photo Courtesy of The Points Guy

Hosting a party for guests with dietary restrictions?
Don't hesitate to ask guests if they require anything special when you extend an invite. Since some needs can be confusing, feel free to ask questions such as where they find their recipes. 

Attending a dinner party? 
Offer to bring a dish to share with guests. This is a fool proof way to make sure your diet is fulfilled without placing extra pressure on the host. 

AE Tip: Eating out? Quietly mention to the waiter your needs so there are no surprises later! 

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: The Fine Print

Hidden Wedding Costs--
It's all those pricey extras that really make your bills add up. 

Take it from us -- READ the fine print!

Caterers charge by the plate for sit down dinners.  One guest equaling one plate.  Although family style is not less expensive than a served dinner, buffet style is.  Ask your caterer to walk you through the pricing if you're on the fence between your choices.

Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Anne Designs
When anyone other than the in-house pastry chef makes your cake, your caterer will often charge to cut it.  Sometimes it's a flat fee and other times, it's per guest - which can really add up!

Check with your caterer on corkage fees.  If you use the booze provided by your reception site, the charge is typically included with the total cost.  However, if you're providing your own alcohol, some venues will charge per bottle to have their staff open it.  

Photo courtesy of Frosted Pink Events
Service Charge
These are for non-food-related costs. They can tack on about 20 percent to your bill. 

Usually, this is printed on your quote clearly, but know what you're looking for!  There will most likely be a delivery fee and shipping/handling fee.  If you don't see it, ask for this upfront.  

Welcome Bags
Hotels will often charge for distributing these, usually per bag.  If you're don't care for welcome bags to be room dropped, see if you're hotel will allow the front desk to distribute them when your guests check in. 

Photo courtesy of Signature 

Non-Approved Vendors
Some venues have a preferred vendor list.  Using vendors not on the list will land you with a fee!

If your vendors are booked for a certain amount of time, you'll be charged per hour if you're wedding runs over.  Factor these costs in from the beginning if you think it may be close!

Having a destination affair?  If your guests are not all staying on the property, there could be a fee for them to enter. 

Friday, June 27, 2014

AE Happy Hour: The Sparkler

Red, White, and Blue! 
With team USA on a successful road in the World Cup and the Fourth of July right around the corner...

celebrate with a beverage that will surely put you in the American Spirit!

The Sparkler 
Photo Courtesy of Yum Sugar

Recipe as follows:

1 1/2 oz campagne
3/4 oz raspberry liqueur 
1/2 oz vodka 
1 oz pomegranate juice

Shake all ingredients but the champagne with ice and strain into your favorite glassware. 
Top with champagne and add a garnish to complete.

AE tip: for that extra touch of spirit, add an American flag stir stick to each drink or drop in a few blueberries to bring in the blue!

As always, enjoy responsibly! 
Xo, AE

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Pretty in Pink

It's all about the pink!!
We have seen a lot of blushes, nudes, and peaches this year, which is understandable because this is such a classic and romantic color palate.  Here are our tips to make this timeless color trend fresh and fun. 

Bridesmaids. Carry this trend over to your bridesmaids dresses for a sweet, sophisticated look.  Let the girls choose their own dresses in any complementary hue.

Photo Courtesy of Bridal Guide
Linens. These sweet colors will add a romantic vibe that will soften any venue. 

Photo Courtesy of Wild Flower Linens
Flowers. Sticking to this trending color scheme for floral arrangements is a great way to add a touch of color without drawing too much attention. Numerous flowers come in a range of these colors.
We love garden roses, ranunculas, and peonies! 

AE Tip: For a rustic garden look, mix in some extra greenery to your arrangements.

Photo Courtesy of The Knot
Flower Girls. Dress them up in adorable (but, age appropriate!) pink gowns.  
What little girls don't love pink?! 

Photo Courtesy of The Knot

Cake. Adding a subtle color to cake can really dress it up.  Play with soft hues or really spruce up the color to make a statement.

AE Tip: Incorporating fresh flowers to a whiter cake adds a hint of color for a more traditional look. 

Photo Courtesy of Weddings Romantique

Monday, June 23, 2014

AE Tip: Hosting

AE's hostess secret: intermix homemade and store bought food. 

Photo Courtesy of Chana's Art Room
Just because you decided to have a party, doesn't mean you have to cook for a party! 
Step away from the grocery store veggie plate and pick up your favorite dip from a local restaurant. 
Make a few great dishes and fill in the gaps with tasty local staples.

AE suggests checking out The North Market to pick up a variety of flavors all under one roof! 

Friday, June 20, 2014

AE Happy Hour: Champagne A-Z

Behind every celebration is a little champagne fizz, but what do you really know about that bottle you're popping open?

The term Champagne refers to only the sparkling wine made in Champagne France. All other bubblies are labeled sparkling wine or noted as being produced by the m├ęthod champenoise. 

Photo Courtesy of Beautiful Life and Style

Let's simplify the label...

Brut: Dry
Extra Dry: Sweet
Blanc de Blancs: Made completely from Chardonnay grapes
Blanc de Noirs: Made from only Pinot Noir or Pinot Meunier
Vintage: The bottle is made up of at least 85% of the grapes from the year it was harvested. These bottles are only made during great harvest years which makes them a bit pricier. 

Hosts can count on six flutes per 750 ml bottle. 

AE suggests adding bubbles to any occasion, turning any ordinary day into a celebration! 

Want to keep the fizz but lose the buzz? AE suggests swapping in flavored sparkling water.  We are loving the new flavors by Lacroix.  Coconut?  Yes, please!

So pop those bottles, it's Friday!! 

As always, enjoy responsibly! Xo, AE 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Thank You Notes

The Importance of "Thank You" Notes
A few things to keep in mind while writing all those notes!

kate spade new york thank you notes
Photo Courtesy of Lifeguard Press

Who. Take the time to write a note to everyone who gave you a gift or money. Don't forget to take extra care of guests who where attendants or made your day extra special. 

When. Notes should be written and sent within three months of receiving the gift.

Mr.&Mrs. Make sure notes are from the both of you, the new duo! 

Returns. Never acknowledge that you returned or exchanged a gift. Give the same care and thoughtfulness that your guest did.

As always, send love and gratitude! 

Monday, June 16, 2014

AE Tip: Current Party

Themed parties can be a great way to pack an extra punch to any get together. 
You can take advantage of almost ANY holiday, spectacle,  or season. 

Current Party: The World Cup

Photo Courtesy of Evite

Gather around the TV to watch this international extravaganza. Kindly ask guests to bring a beverage or food from their favorite team for a worldly experience. Decorations can include national flags, soccer balls, and pictures of your favorite players. 

Photo Courtesy of Evite

Friday, June 13, 2014

Happy Hour: The Merry Bride

It's Happy Hour Here at AE! 
This week we are sipping on...

The Merry Bride
Photo Courtesy of Cheeky Chicago
This sangria is a fantastic drink for any summer get together!

Recipe follows:
Serving 8-10 drinks

1 bottle of dry vermouth wine
1 c. cranberry cocktail juice
1 c. pomegranate juice
1/2 c. orange liquor 
1/2 c. simple syrup
2 oranges, sliced into thin wedges
2 lemons, sliced into thin wheels
2 limes, sliced into thin wheels
20 maraschino cherries
1c. lemon-lime soda

Combine the first five ingredients in a pitcher; add the sliced fruit. Let chill in refrigerator (24 hours if possible). Before serving, add ice and top with the soda for a little fizz. To show off the great color and sliced fruit, serve in clear highball glasses.

Enjoy responsibly! 

Have a wonderful, safe weekend! Xo, AE

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Welcome Bags

Welcome bags can be a nice first impression.
Here are some tips so your bags will be well received.

Impress your guests by skipping the standard gift bag and make it more personal. This is a great way to show that you appreciate their coming to share your special day.

Photo Courtesy of Little Miss Holls

Here are a few tips that are sure to leave an impact:

Think Local. Ditch grocery store snacks and candy and share some of your favorite treats. Find something unique to your town or destination. AE suggests tasty peanut butter and chocolate buckeyes or Pistacia Vera macarons. 

Best Dessert of 2011: Pistacia Vera
Photo Courtesy of Columbus Underground

Share Your Secrets. Skip the map and brochure of your city!  Instead we suggest leaving a list of your favorite hot spots. Guests may have some downtime so include places to eat, shop, and play!
Photo Courtesy of Renegade Image

Play Up the Theme. Themed wedding? Extend it to the welcome bags! "Green" weddings could include a packet of seeds or goodies packed into reusable bags. Summertime weddings can be hot, so you could include a fan or a mini bottle of sunscreen. And of course, include the wedding colors! 
Photo Courtesy of Little Miss Holls
Give Thanks. Take the time to write a special note to your guests. Thank them for coming and welcome them to your special weekend. This is also a great time to relay any logistical information. 

Photo Courtesy of Bowl of Cherries

AE tip: if welcome bags are not in your budget, place a note in each room for that special touch.

Monday, June 9, 2014

AE Tip: Mongograms

AE Tip: Monograms Add a Personal Touch to Any Soiree

This addition may seem small but can leave a huge impact! 

Napkins and coasters are a great inexpensive way to show off a new monogram, logo, or phrase. They can be passed around with drinks, set next to hors d'oeuvres, or AE's personal favorite: have them printed on hand towels to spruce up any drab bathroom!

Mr. & Mrs. Custom Coasters
Photo courtesy of Paper Source
Photo courtesy of Neiman Marcus

Check out our favorite local spot to pick these up -- Peabody Papers! Located in Grandview Heights, Peabody is home to an assortment of unique and personalized paper products. 

Courtesy of Peabody Papers

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: 3 Items You Don't Want to Forget

The most important items can be the easiest to overlook...
They may not as exciting as your dress, floral decor or invitations, but these items are the most necessary! 

Here are some reminders and tips to getting hitched.. without a hitch!

Marriage License
- Check your state's application rules at least six months before your big day.
- Marriage requirements can differ even between counties, so do your homework! 
- Talk about the plan for signing the marriage certificate before your BIG DAY.
- Make sure that who ever is sending it in makes a copy beforehand. 

Photo courtesy of Estate Weddings and Events 

Destination Brides:
Triple check the local laws of your destination, including residency requirements
(how long you must be in the country before you apply).
Hold a civil ceremony in the U.S. before you go - just to be safe!

Check out The Knot for tips on tying the knot internationally.  

Name Change
- Change your Social Security card and your drivers license in person and do this first.
- Everything else, credit cards, bank accounts, et cetera, can usually be done online. 
- You can never check the the spelling enough - it all must match!

- Start this process at least 3 months out if you are traveling internationally for your honeymoon.
- Changing your name could take six weeks to process.
(If you're too close for comfort, wait until you return from your honeymoon.)  
- The name on your tickets must match the one on your passport. 

Photo Courtesy of Serendipity Beyond Design 

Common Mistake:  Based on the time of departure, make sure that your passport has at 
least six months before expiration.  If you're close - update it to avoid hassle!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Invitation Etiquette & Tips

Wedding invitations do not always have to be traditional, but when it comes to etiquette, there are a few items we think must stay classic!

Here are a few helpful tips to invite etiquette...The AE WAY!

What to include:
The hosts.
Your names.
The date, time, and location of the ceremony.
 Reception information.
RSVP information.

Photo Courtesy of Paper Petal

Who receives invitations and how many do I send?
Married couples & couples living at the same address:
Receive one invitation

Receive one invitation (however, children 18+, should receive their own invitation)

Singles Guests:
Each receive their own invitation

Should be included with the invitation for the guest receiving the "plus-one"

When do I send my invitations out?
Invitations should hit mailboxes about 2 months before your wedding date.
RSVPs should be due 1 month before your wedding date.
This gives you plenty of time to finalize planning and loose ends.  

Wording Guidelines:
Wording wedding invitations should be as much about your personal style as anything.  Not all invitations need to be formal.  Some invitations can be modern, but traditionally worded.
 When in doubt go with your gut.  

Photo Courtesy of Kleinfeld Paper 

One more AE Tip:
Wedding invitations should only include the critical, basic, information.  Any items regarding registry, accommodations, directions, etc. should be included on a wedding website or a separate card. 

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Wedding Flower Secrets

What's the secret to nothing-less-than-perfect flowers on your wedding day?
They know the secrets.
(But, we're helping you out with some of them.)

Your Bouquet Should Fit YOU
Besides your bridal glow, this is your most important accessory.  It needs to fit your personality and also your physical size.  If you are tiny, don't have a bouquet that is too large for your frame. 

Photo courtesy of Way to Enliven 

Know the Seasons
Don't make any decisions on flowers or colors before you know what is available. 
Using in-season blooms will give you the most vibrant florals.  
Teleflora is a great reference.

Find Substitutes
There's always a way to achieve the look you want.
Instead of paying a fortune for flowers that are not in season, trust your florist to use look-alike substitutes.

Garden Rose (on the left) versus Peonies (on the right).  They're an awful close representation!
Photos courtesy of Country Garden and The Wedding Bee
Your florist can also help incorporate less expensive flowers or tasteful fillers to give a luxe look at a not-super luxe cost.

Keep your Guests in Mind  
Be sure to not overcrowd your dinner tables with over the top centerpieces.
You don't want your table to look empty, but your guests need room to eat.
Keep your arrangements to appropriate heights - be sure not to block the view of your guests.

Photo courtesy of the ever talented Red Gallery 

Friday, January 17, 2014

Ask Ady: Columbus Bridal Show 2014

Something new for Ask Ady...
We bring you a little segment from the AE presentation at the Columbus Bridal Show 2014  

We were SO flattered to present the "Do's and Don'ts of "I Do's."  

The Greater Columbus Convention Center gathered a curious crowd which provided us the forum for our very first live segment of Ask Ady!  

A big AE X&O to Columbus Bride for having us!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Bridal Jewelry Tips

Wedding Wednesday: Wedding Day Jewelry 
The first rule in wedding jewelry - don't over do it!  AE brings you a jewelry guide to match your metals to your whites and your jewelry to your necklines.

Select the metal that compliments your white dress best!   
Bright White
Stick to pearls or platinum.

Off-White (or Diamond White)
Pairs with gold or silver, or rose gold or pearls (you get the picture)! 

Gold will pull out the tint in the fabric. 

Necklaces and necklines - pick the perfect pair!
Strapless or Sweetheart 
Pick a statement piece!  A dramatic necklace will take this style of neckline from pretty to pretty amazing!  Our STUNNING bride, Katie B, chose a bolder option to complement her sweetheart neckline and kept it simple with a beautiful stud earring. 
Pull back long hair to make some room for this piece.
Photo Courtesy of photographer, Amanda Julca  

Skip the necklace all together.  
Instead, slip on a pair of dramatic earrings and/or a thick cuff to balance out the look. 
Photo Courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings

Pair this plunging neckline with a delicate necklace.  A pendant will compliment the cut nicely! Pick out a noticeable earring to draw attention to your face.
Photo Courtesy of Coral's Bridal 

Halter and Reverse Halter
Accessorize your tresses, it's great way to dress up your halter gown!  Whether using a headband or crystal hair pins, adding some sparkle to your coif will complete this look.

Photo Courtesy of Sweet Beginnings 

Bateau Neckline
Pick a necklace with little length!  When done right, layers complement this neckline beautifully.  When matching earrings, don't over do it, select a slight drop or stud to complement the jewels on the necklace. 
Photo Courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings

When in doubt, remember, the wise philosophy of Ms. Coco Chanel:
When accessorizing, always remove the last piece you put on.  

This is surefire way to stay well-edited when deciding on your bridal bling.  

Thursday, January 2, 2014

AE Events: 2013 Year in Review

What a year 2013 has been for us!  We count our many blessings as we say goodbye to one fab year and HELLO to a new one. 

January rang in the New Year with Dan and Alicia's fantastic New Year's Eve celebration. Oh how we loved this evening!  A&D and their family remain dear friends.

Image courtesy Red Gallery Photography 
Check out more prettiness courtesy of the talented Red Gallery Photo.   And Studio Z Films.  

February brought us back to one of our favorite events of the year and one with an amazing and touching cause: The Black Tie Blue Jackets Style Show.  It's such an honor to be involved. 
Image courtesy of Capital Style
See footage from the 2013 event.  We can't wait for 2014! 

May kicked off a busy summer for us with three events...

Heather and Willy's charmingly perfect Downtown wedding...
Image courtesy Rouxby Photography

...which was also recently featured on Style Me Pretty! 

Ashley and Tom's swanky soiree at the Ivory Room...
Image courtesy of Red Gallery Photo

...we just ADORED these two!  

And, another one of our favorite recurring events...The Nicklaus Museum Dinner for Nationwide Financial/The Memorial Tournament.   

Photo Courtesy of Andy Mahr
See more here!  Gosh, we sure were proud of this event. 

June brought us Maggie and Quinn's uber special wedding in Knox County...these high school sweethearts and their families are about as lovely as they come. 

Photo courtesy of Lauryn Byrdy photography
 See more here! And one of the most touching wedding vids ever

July brought us a trip to our favorite part of the country - WINE COUNTRY, for our best friend's wedding.  It was such a special experience to be in the wedding and to play a large part in the planning process.  Cheers to G&B.   Love you!
Image courtesy of Mike Arick 
See more love, pretty, and happy here...

July also brought the wedding of Emily and Nick.  Super sweet affair at the Columbus Museum of Art for a super sweet couple.
Image courtesy of January Newbanks

August brought the first of two big bits of news for AE Events.  Brittany Sitz, our long-time intern, starting with us as our first full-time employee.  Brittany has been an important part of AE and it's been great to have her official.  

Image courtesy of Ink and Ivory Design Studio

September came with another of our favorite yearly events - the always fabulous Rowe Fashion Show celebrating it's 5th year (and 5 years with us, too)!  This event is near and dear to us for several reasons:  Maren Roth (owner) was our first friend in Columbus and the Rowe Show was one of the first events we booked when we launched AE.  We cannot thank Maren and Rowe enough for the constant support, friendship, and fashion advice.  xx

October was also filled with fun.  It was Adrianne and Sherman's birthdays, as well as, we had Lauren and Ed's amazing affair at the Columbus Museum of Art. This event and our beautiful bride were grace and elegance through and through. 
And here is a little teaser video - their day was just so special!

October also brought to Leah and Tom's wedding.  Brittany did an amazing job planning and executing while Adrianne had the honor of being in the wedding.  Leah and Tom are so in love and truly epitomized what it means to be a bride and a groom.  
We also embarked on a site inspection to the British Virgin Islands for our special client and friends, Lacey and Blake.  Man, this sure is a tough job! 

November and December have been filled with friends, food, fun, new clients, and the holidays. 

January begins with yours truly speaking at the 2014 Columbus Bride Show and then we zip off to Ft. Worth, TX for the Nationwide Financial Sales Summit.

We have also been keeping very busy the past couple of months with our second peice of exciting news.  We have moved into our very own darling cottage.  We can't wait to share it with you!

It's been a fabulous year.  We love our job, we love our clients (past, present, AND future), and we love life.   Cheers, my dears.  xx, AE