Thursday, September 29, 2011

Ask Ady: Jitters?

Dear Ady,
I was invited to an ex-boyfriends wedding and I think he still has feelings for me.  He texts me things like “thinking of you always” and “I will always have a special place for you” which is really uncomfortable for me.  I am not sure how to RSVP.  I don’t want to go to the wedding because I am afraid there will be a scene.  I also feel like I need to say something to him about how inappropriate it is that he sends me messages like that but in a way, I think it will just pass once he gets married.  Do you think I should say something to him or chalk it up to wedding jitters? 
Donna in Saginaw, Michigan

Dear Donna,

Please don’t attend this wedding.

Please don’t respond to these texts.

Please know he is being a bad fiancĂ© and a bad “friend” to you. 

And PLEASE, don’t give him the excuse of wedding jitters. 

I hope this helps,


Friends of AE: Great Makeup Tips From Cheek By Lindsay

Our favorite makeup artist Lindsay Remley from Cheek By Lindsay has put together some amazing tips for reworking that makeup bag and navigating through the Beauty Jungle.  We recently took her advice to try the La Mer eye cream (details below) and we already look more revitalized and refreshed  (let us lose sleep over your event so that you don't have to - we have La Mer now)! 

Lindsay specializes in wedding day makeup (look at our recent bride, Leslie - how beautiful??) and overall makeup expertise.  Call on her to help you redo your makeup bag or to do makeup for that fabulous upcoming gala or if you are a bride, do not look any further.  Lindsay is the BEST in the biz (and so fun to have around too)!  Thanks Lindsay for being a FRIEND OF AE!!! 


Splurge or Save?

You get what you pay for, right?  Well…..sometimes.  The beauty industry can be difficult to navigate and you can easily spend a fortune.  So, here are some suggestions on what you should splurge on and what you can save on in your beauty routine.  Save that extra cash for a night out with the girls!

Save:  Makeup brushes 
Sonia Kashuk makes great brushes that last.   They range in price from $3.99- $19.99.  I have been using some of her brushes for over 5 years and they are still in great condition.  The trick to making them last:  proper storage and care.  Always store your brushes in a cup, not a bag and clean them regularly with a brush cleanser.

Splurge:  Eye cream
La Mer makes the BEST eye cream.  It is pricey but it is worth it- I promise!  La Mer eye concentrate $165 (at least a 6 month supply).  I hesitate to say that this eye cream changed my life, but it definitely changed my skincare life.   The first week I started using it I got compliments on my complexion and stopped using concealer!  I swear.  I have not worn concealer in over a year.  Please note:  I have kids, a full time job and lots of obligations so I am always tired.

Save:  Eyeliner
Sephora makes their own brand of makeup and they have an unbelievable range of colors- all for only $8!  You can get metallic, glitter, waterproof, you name it.  I discovered these when I was 16 and first experimenting with makeup and haven’t found anything I like better.

Splurge:  Fragrance
Jo Malone is hands down the leader in personal and home fragrance.  Each scent is meant to be combined with another and there are endless possibilities.  You can invest in a few scents and always create a new scent by mixing and matching.  Fragrances start at $55 and candles are $65- these make great hostess gifts!

And just because I love a good bargain…here is one more Save!

Save:  Shampoo and Conditioner
Organix makes a great collection of shampoo’s and conditioners that are paraben and sulfate free (great for color treated hair).  I love the Moroccan argan oil line ($7.99 each) because it protects against styling and heat while restoring shine and strengthening your hair.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Wedding Wednesday! Grooms Cake

The grooms cake is a charming tradition most commonly practiced (and originating) in the South (anyone remember the "bleeding armadilla"??)  Although it certainly isn't necessary to wedding planning and probably won't be missed if you decide to skip it, it's one of those " special touches" that will be remembered. 

More often than featuring a grooms cake at the reception, we are seeing it featured at the rehearsal dinner.   These cakes can be anything from the grooms favorite cake (red velvet!  cheesecake!  donuts!) to a cake designed in the shape of his favorite sports team, pet, article of clothing, book, etc. etc. etc.!  

Grooms cakes are meant to be a cute, fun addition.  Go all out - be outrageous, even, but let him choose what he wants!  Don't stress over it and if you decide to have one - remember, this cake is about him.  

P.S. Surprising him with his special cake is a very sweet way to show your groom how much you love him.  But only surprise him if it's with a cake you know HE will love!   

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Thank you New York

10 years and it feels like it was just yesterday. 

I think we all remember exactly what we were doing that day, the feelings we had when we saw the second plane hit, the disbelief that something so evil could happen to a city so strong. 

But New York survived and thrived. 

I never knew New York when the towers stood tall.  I visited 1 month after 9/11 for the first time, and fell in love with this city that was putting itself back together and wearing it's brave face. The second I stepped off that plane at LGA, I knew I had to move there - I fell and I fell hard.  New York was my first true love. 

New York City has given me so much - my career, my husband, my sweet doggie Sherman, my dearest friends and the determination to always thrive. 

Thank you New York - you have been a life-changing friend. 

Love, AMR