Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Send Them Off In Style

Celebrate the brand new couple!
AE has a few suggestions that will send you off in style! 

Photo Courtesy of United with Love

Bubbles. For the whimsical couple! Each guests will receive a mini bottle of bubbles, a hit with the kids!

Sprinkles. Walking on the sweeter side... Sprinkles come in an assortment of colors and shapes to match your special day.

Confetti. Let's get the party started! Popped, tossed, or sprinkled, this send off will have guests ready to move and groove at the reception!

Flowers. For the classic couple. Flower peddles give off a romantic vibe and gorgeous photos.

Wheat. Gives the slightest country feel.  Perfect to lead into a reception that will be outdoors!

AE Tip: Be sure to check with your ceremony venue or church to make sure there are no restrictions on what is allowed to be tossed.  Alway check on clean up rules - leaving the area in pristine condition is the best bet!


  1. Thanks for the ideas here. My beach wedding will be on next year. I have the idea of wearing cheap high waisted shorts for the bridesmaids. Do you think it is good? Thanks for sharing here.

  2. Your website is beautiful and love the tips. I work as a copy editor and proofreader and just wanted to bring to your attention - next to Flowers. For the classic couple. It should say Flower petals (not peddles). Also you are missing an 's' on the word Always in the last paragraph. If you would like to hire me to proofread the entire site for you, I would welcome the opportunity.


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