Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Bridal Bouquet Basics

There is more than just flowers that go into designing a bridal bouquet.
When working with your florist, consider some these pointers to make your bouquet fit perfectly into all aspects of your big day!

Your bouquet should complement your figure, not compete with it. It is important to have an arrangement that is proportional to your body. 

Dress Shape
Your dress and your bouquet should harmonize and enhance one another. If your gown is very simple, that leaves room for a more elaborate bouquet. Gowns with more embellishments should be accompanied by simpler arrangements. 

Photo courtesy of Vogue

Your venue can influence how your bouquet looks as well.  If you’re getting married in an outdoor space, don’t compete with the existing vegetation. Natural bouquets complement intimate outdoor weddings quite nicely.  For a more traditional wedding venue, a simpler arrangement with clean lines will do wonders. 

Photo courtesy of Rustic Wedding Chic
Create a price point and stick to it.  Decide which flowers you can’t live without and which flowers you’d be willing to find alternatives for. Your florist can help you create the bouquet of your dreams at a price you love. 

AE Tip: Using flowers that are in season can help you save a few pennies. Here's a handy site to see what blooms will be in season on your special day. 
Make sure your florals complement your color scheme.  It doesn’t have to match completely, but should certainly not clash.

Photo courtesy of Sweet Chic Events

AE Tip:  When in doubt, just remember that your bouquet should be reflective of your unique tastes and personality.  Be careful not to stray too far from your natural taste.  

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