Sunday, October 30, 2011

Cocktails, Couture and Vera Wang

We are finally posting the LONG OVERDUE Cocktails and Couture party pics.  We had so much fun co-hosting this event!   The fun surrounded the Vera Wang Trunk Show in town just for the weekend and exclusive to Big Rock Little Rooster.  The Friday evening party kicked off with fab makeup by Lindsay Remley of Cheek By Lindsay and hair by the talented Josie Schweitzer.   David Thielebeule, Accessories Director at Allure magazine was in town giving our lucky brides and fashionistas expert fashion advice.  We were on hand as the featured wedding planner and enjoyed chatting with brides and making new friends!  Take a peak at the fun!   And big thanks to very talented photog Stephanie Lehnert of Novia Distinctive Photography for sharing these FABULOUS pics with us!   We had such a hard time choosing which to feature!   xo

 There she is!  The fabulous and adorable Lindsay making beautiful faces even prettier!  
Creative and fun Josie!  We sure do love a good tease and she knows what she is doing! 

Bridal look inspired by KE$HA??  You like??   
Getting close to showtime!

We also featured the amazing millinery creations by Granville's own Amy Hamilton.  
 We DIE for her hats both for brides and for tea time!  Amy is a delight to know, as well! 

Romantic and pretty in Vera. 

 Yes, it did taste as good as it looks!
 The detail!   The pretty!  Oh how we love white dresses!
 Our good friend and very talented interior designer, Andrea Freeman of Arrange LTD. stopped by to take a look and perhaps garner inspiration.  Perhaps a room draped in silk organza?

Architectural and romantic.  Two more great designs by Vera.   And of course the hat just tops it off!

We absolutely LOVE this look for a Fall wedding! 

That chandelier!  J'adore.

Good party!  Fun guests. 

Adrianne with David from Allure (left) and dear friend Dallas (right).  We had so much fun!

This just delights our eye!   Love love love black and white.  Such a chic and timeless combo. 

The chick in charge!   Our good friend, Kristin - great party sister! 

If that is not a show-stopping window, what is? 
OH-IO!!  We prefer the tomahawk chop, but hey...when in Rome!!  :)

Friday, October 28, 2011

Ask Ady: I Wasn't Included on the Save the Date!

Dear Ady,

My boyfriend and I have lived together for over a year and we recently learned a friend of his got engaged.  I have only met his friend a few times and have never met his fiance. We received the save the date for their wedding and it's in Mexico!  We live in Hoboken, [New Jersey] but think going to their wedding will be great as long as we can plan ahead financially.  Here's the thing - I wasn't included on the save the date.  Is this customary?   I'm not sure what to think or how to plan. 

As a side note and relevant to my question, we were planning to take a vacation in the upcoming year anyway so my bf said if I don't go to the wedding he wouldn't go because we couldn't afford to do both.  We just aren't sure how to proceed with our plans.  I hope you have some insight.


Melissa, Hoboken, NJ 

Hi Melissa,

These are very valid concerns.  First and foremost, as a couple who lives together and is in a serious committed relationship, you SHOULD have been included on the save the date by name.   However, my gut tells me that this may have been an oversight - remember wedding planning is very stressful and procuring guest list names is often quite detailed and daunting.  When the groom submits his list to his fiancĂ© he sometimes isn't as diligent in creating the list with all the titles and inclusions that we ladies know to be correct. 
It is likely that the groom simply forgot or didn’t realize that there is a specific etiquette.  As an example of how easily this can happen, my husband misspelled names of guests and simply forgot to  invite several people to our wedding and trust me, I prodded him like no other.  It's quite embarrassing, but the gentleman just don't know! 
 SO - I would encourage your BF to contact his pal to confirm that this indeed was a simple (and forgivable) oversight.  If this is the case - GO and HAVE FUN!   
 However, if the couple's intention is to only invite your boyfriend, this is another matter entirely.   Let's not speculate the reasons why, let's simply think through what this means for you.   As a couple (and one who sounds quite serious) you need to decide what will be best for both of you.  And if that means that your boyfriend chooses not to travel all the way to Mexico alone and to use your vacation funds on this particular wedding, well then that is the risk this couple ran when they did not invite the entire entity. 
I hope this helps,

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Inviting your officiant to your reception

It is appropriate and gracious behavior to invite your officiant to your reception.  After all, he/she did just perform the most important aspect of your wedding weekend! 

Ideally, send your officiant an invitation as you would to any guest.   However, if you choose to verbally invite him or her, be sure to follow up with details and to ask for a response.   Never just assume he or she WILL or WON'T attend. 

If your officiant does accept the invitation to attend the reception, seat him or her at the head table.  If there isn't a head table, seating the officiant with either set of parents is the next best thing. 

Often times, your officiant will decline the invitation or simply stay for cocktail hour.   If this is the case, take your first post-ceremony picture with your officiant so that you maybe be respectful of his or her time. 

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wedding Wednesday! The One Year Rule...

It is commonly thought and practiced that wedding guests have up to one year to give a gift to the happy couple.  While this may be considered standard etiquette practice, it still begs the question of why wait and what are your reasons? 
A woman recently "confided" in me that she doesn't send a wedding gift until very close to the couple’s 1-year anniversary (I wondered how she could remember when it was coming) and her reason was simple and scary - she waits to send a gift until she knows the wedding will last (at least a year).  I was aghast at this!  If she feels this way about the couple, why did she accept the invitation and furthermore, she still attended the wedding and dined and drank and danced at the couple's invitation.   As a guest at any hosted party, it is gracious guest behavior to bring a gift to thank the host for all they did to provide you with a lovely evening.  Same goes (ESPECIALLY goes) for weddings. 
There is also the situation of the person less organized about their social calendar who simply forgets to send a gift.  When you remember that you have forgotten, please send that gift right away.   Don’t ever make the mistake of thinking the  bride and groom no longer care about receiving wedding gifts (or tracking them for that matter, trust me they will know who sent and who didn't). 
This brings me to the next point - this rule is plain silly.  Let's get real here.   You receive a wedding invitation, you send (or bring) a gift.   Be gracious and do this immediately.  It's a very simple task.  Just do it!   
Any brides reading this?   It's commonly communicated that you have a year to send a thank-you note.  Wrong again, do this immediately.  For nothing else, to get it off your plate, but also to show that you are grateful for the gifts your guest gave you.  If you received a thank-you note almost a year after you gave a gift, would you wonder whether or not your gift went  unnoticed or was never received? 
In conclusion, my friends, erase this rule from your mind and be swift about sending a gift and swift about writing your thank you notes.   Try a new rule - The 2-month rule.   You will love it.  
Let’s never forget what dear Emily Post tells us etiquette is:  A code of behavior based on thoughtfulness….