Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Use Seasonal Decor in Multiple Ways

 Taking full advantage of the multiple ways to use seasonal elements can add unique details to any wedding.

Pumpkins don't have to be for Halloween only!  If you're planning an autumn affair, don't stray away from this seasonal must.  Just as the foliage turns to hues of golds and orange, pumpkins become readily available to bring a fall feel to a wedding without reminding everyone of ghosts and goblins.

If orange reminds you of jack-o-lanterns, opt for gourds and pumpkins with a little more character.  Shapes, sizes and color, not one will be the same as another, making incorporating this seasonal favorite easy.  From making a flavorful "pumpkin" palate for your guests to enjoy over dinner, to creating a fun, friendly feel in decor, pumpkins can be painted, decorated, and sculpted to fit into every fall wedding theme!

Photos courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings 

If leaves are more within your comfort level, bring on the opportunities!  From gorgeous foliage backdrops, a simply printed invitation or name card, or incorporating autumn colored hues into your lighting, leaves are a timeless way to bring fall into your wedding decor.  Twigs and branches will help set off just the slightest difference in decoration so that the seasonal elements are not over used.  Wood and other natural decor will help to create an effortless look that doesn't lack in beauty!

Pictures courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings and Bunches of Bliss

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Playing with Fall Color

The leaves are turning and Fall is here -- in more color than ever!  

Reds, browns, and yellows have been booted this season (thank goodness!) as jewel tones take over.  While these colors can stand alone, they become even more vibrant mixed with metals and wood.

 Glam it up with golds and silvers to make a sparkling impression, or neutralize your jewel tones with ivory and creams for a more subtle, natural look.  If you can't choose which route you prefer, do both!  The beauty of these colors is that they are VERY versatile.

Whether planning a fabulous fall wedding or in-home soiree, don't be afraid to play with rich, bold color this season!  

Some of our favorite jewel tones: 
pink ruby, sapphire, turquoise, emerald, amethyst 

Fabulous use of color and mixed mediums:
Photo Courtesy of The Knot