Saturday, August 25, 2012

Ask Ady: Is Burlap Over?

Dear Ady,

I am getting married in 10 months and have been on Pinterest, Facebook, event blogs, etc. and have seen many couples using burlap as their “theme”.   I really love the natural look and the subtle texture it adds to the space. But, our wedding is almost a year away and I am afraid that the burlap trend may already be on it’s way out…what do you think?  Should we jump on board with this even though it seems like it's the trendy thing to do?  I don't want to regret my decor decisions.   

- Nan, Denver, CO 

Hi Nan!  

Thanks for writing in.  You bring up a very interesting conversation.  First of all, you are falling prey to the less-than-lovely side of Pinterest, event blogs, and the plethora of information on the internet.  While it's fantastic to be able to find a picture or inspiration for almost anything you can dream up, it is also possible to get discouraged by seeing so much of it.  I would caution you to go easy on planning your wedding from Pinterest picks.  Certainly play around for inspiration, but don't get bogged down by it.  Keep your ahead above the water!

Now onto the question at hand.  Yes, burlap has been very popular recently.  And yes, it is highly likely that burlap will become the tulle of yesterday.  However, tulle had a long and fabulous run as the reigning queen of 80's to early 2000's wedding decor.  The reasons?  It adds softness and texture and beauty to a space - it is also reasonably priced.   The same is true for burlap.  If you are hosting an outdoor or more rustic wedding (I assume you might be since you are writing to me from Colorado), I say go for it and use burlap.  Honestly, there isn't a fabric that compares.  But then, do be careful to not use some of the other elements we are seeing paired so often with burlap - step away from the burlap Pinterest boards!   Think outside the box!  You can mix and match and create a beautiful result.  One you will be very pleased by.  

However, I don't recommend using burlap just for the sake of it.  It has it's place and it should stay there.  No burlap in ballrooms, please!  

Bottom line, use what you love in your decor plan and forget about the "trends."  In fact, it might just be time for our friend Ms. Tulle to come out of hiding.  Hmmmm - burlap and tulle??  Our wheels are spinning. 



Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Fave Wedding Videos!

A little entertainment for your lunch break today!

Youtube is just brimming with charming, funny, sweet, and HILARIOUS wedding videos.  Yes, in our spare time, we love nothing better than a good vid-fest - here's a few of our faves.

Favorite Proposal - this is TO-DIE for sweet....

All-time favorite Processional - this groom is SO fun...favorite part - when he greets her in the aisle!

Great First Dance...An oldie but goodie but we still can't watch it enough!

And lastly, our FAVE FIRST DANCE.  The dress, the dancing, the uncanny resemblance to Johnny....nobody puts baby in the corner.

Do you have some favorites?  Send them our way!  WE LOVE WEDDING VIDS!

Happy Wedding Wednesday!  Enjoy!

xx, AE

Friday, August 17, 2012

Happy Hour with AE: Sparkling Lemonady


Today, we are bringing you our favorite lemonade recipe!  This lemonade is always a crowd pleaser, looks beautiful, tastes delicious and for the busy "hostess with the mostess", it's very easy to make!


1 large bottle of store bought pink lemonade (we love Santa Cruz organic)

2 cans of San Pellegrino Limonata 

20-30 fresh raspberries pureed

15-20 fresh whole raspberries as garnish

Vodka to taste (and desired potency)  We have been loving Buckeye Vodka lately - great smooth taste.  Note: We don't recommend using raspberry vodka, however, cucumber vodka does taste delicious.  For a sweeter version, strawberry vodka works well, too.

If you have it, the addition of St. Germain liqueur (again to taste and potency) adds a lovely flavor.

Optional: muddled mint or basil (use a speck of sugar and water when muddling).  Note: It's best to use mint/basil when using a container with a spout to serve.  Serving from a punch bowl or pitcher doesn't filter the leaves, thus your guest(s) may find something unsightly in her pretty smile.    


Combine all ingredients** EXCEPT whole raspberries 2-4 hours before serving and chill.  When you are ready to serve, add the raspberries, stir, and VOILA!   Looks darling in a pretty glass pitcher, punch bowl, champagne flutes, mason jars, juice glasses, anything really!

* we have played around with this recipe A LOT and so many variations of are DELICIOUS.  Play around and have fun!  As any girlie girl knows, you can't go wrong with pink, sparkles and vodka!  xo

** for extra fizz, add another 1/2 can of Limonata

We will be serving this tomorrow at the 2nd Annual Tea For 2, 200 for Tea hosted by the lovely Darci Congrove and German Village Guest House.  This event is so much fun!  Hats, gardens, pretty dresses, yummy drinks and nibbles!  We hear a few tickets may still be available!



Wednesday, August 1, 2012

It's Wedding Wednesday: A Treat for You!

It's Wedding Wednesday and do we have a treat for you!  We have discovered that Harper's Bazaar, one of our favorite fashion bibles, has launched a Bridal edition!  Check out this GORGEOUS cover.  We just SWOON over it!   So fresh, so chic and SO VERY BAZAAR.

Now with every bit of good news, comes a bit of sad new....Currently, the hard copy is only available in Australia.  BUT, back to the good news, the Bazaar bridal site is chock full of inspiration, couture, and fab features.  And really, who is carrying around mags anymore anyway (ok fine, we are...but with this find you won't have to)!

xo, AE