Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Bridesmaids Commandments

AE offers some advice to help you navigate your bestie's big day-
Be the best bridesmaid you can be!

Photo Courtesy of the Wedding Party

1. Be agreeable. Give a blanket approval for anything and everything the bride has planned, its her day after all. 

2. Take charge! Plan a drama free shower or bachelorette party.

3. Make friends. The bridal party will be your new best friends until the big day, and possibly some future friends too! 

4. Speak carefully. Weddings can bring out a little bit of stress, little comments could mean big blow ups. 

5. Pick up the phone. Avoid passive aggressive texts and emails by simply making a phone call. 

6. Try on your dress. Making sure it fits is privy to the big day.

7. Consider hair and make-up. Make sure your style and ideas are within the brides vision. 

8. This isn't about you. At all. Keep your opinions to yourself, you're there to support the bride and groom!

9. Drink responsibly. Your duties go all night, not to mention your presence in the wedding photos. Smudged make-up and a stained dress? No thank you! 

10. Have a ball! Dinner, drinks, dancing?! Enjoy it! 

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