Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Gay Marriage Etiquette

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Let's hear it for the gays!  Gay Americans are now able to marry in several states through out the nation, most recently New York and Maryland - yay!  With marriage being so grounded in traditional gender roles, planning can get confusing and questions can arise.   Here are some tips from us to help navigate through the process...

The Engagement
He Said Yes! Whoever is ready and brave enough to pop the question - GO FOR IT!   And do it your way - It doesn't have to be down on one knee or with a diamond ring.  You know your spouse-to-be best and what will be the most special for you both.  

Bachelor(ette) Parties
There are no rules here (and this goes for hetero couples, too).  The only ingredient necessary to this night out or weekend trip is FUN.   You can celebrate with friends separately, or celebrate together with all of your friends.  Couples now-a-days are defining their own version of the Bachelor(ette) party - do what works for you!  

Who Pays?
You should pay for the wedding as a couple, but if you both agree, contributions from parents are acceptable too.

The couples names should be in alpha order by last name.
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Whose side to sit on?  Brides side or Brides side?  This tradition doesn't really apply, so let guests sit where they'd like.  Here is a cute way to designate open seating:
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Here comes the bride.... Here comes the groom... and the groom.  You can both enjoy the spotlight of walking down the aisle, if you like.  If you can't decide who would naturally process in last, stick to the alphabet rule.

Husband, Wife, Partner, Spouse
What are you going to call each other?  Are you wives, or husbands or spouses?  Guests will want to know and will ask you, so go ahead, practice introducing your each other with your new titles.


If you have any questions, send them our way!  We will be sure to have answers.  

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Think Pink

We can watch 16 Candles and Steel Magnolias all day everyday, but we have to admit we do not like what they have done to the stigma of pink-themes weddings.  Often times, when we think pink, we see it EVERYWHERE in every startling hue.  It's a tough image to overcome.  

But that was yesterday and this is today!  

Here is a little secret:  Pink is back and it is so uber chic.  You can’t go wrong pairing it with metallics, grays, taupes, or really just about any rich color (except MAYBE magenta).  

If you still can't stand the thought of telling your florist that your wedding colors are "pink and....," then use our favorite term for admittedly one of our favorite colors:  BLUSH!    

For inspiration, here are some of our favorite PINK (aka blush) pairings: 

PINK AND SILVER.  This is such a stunning and sophisticated combination.  Perfect for a black-tie affair.  Don't be afraid to mix in different hues (gunmetal paired with metallic with mercury glass silvers)
Inspiration Credit:  Chaviano Couture
BLUSH AND NAVY.  This is one of our very favorite color combos and would translate to any type of wedding you host.   It just doesn't get chic-er than this.  Truly!                            
Photo Credit: The Sweetest Occasion

PINK AND GOLD.  Such a romantic combination and so pretty on the eye.  Would be perfect for a sweet spring or summer soiree.  Again, feel free to mix the hues of gold.  
Photo Credit:  The Perfect Palate 

BLUSH AND BLACK.  So stunning.  SO STUNNING!  We love it!  Live for it!   This palette blends femininity and masculinity so perfectly.   

Inspiration Credit:  Wedding Wire 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Beach Wedding does not have to be “Beachy”

Just because you want to marry your loved one on the beach, with the sounds of the waves crashing behind you, does NOT mean you need to surrender to the likes of seashells and starfish for your décor!

The beach is the setting and background, but does not have to be your theme for day. All too often we get caught up in the literal and don’t sit back to just admire and cherish the natural beauty of the setting.

For the ceremony, keep it SIMPLE – it’s the beach, you don’t need much else.

Lovely white chairs for guests to sit, a small round table for any ceremonial objects, and simple flowers or plants down your isle. A few ferns look beautiful down either side of the isle, the way the leaves fall into the sand. Pass on the arch or alter of any kind (unless you need it for religious reasons). The ocean is the only backdrop you need while you and your beloved are tying the knot (and your guests will appreciate the unobstructed view of nature's great masterpiece: the ocean)!

Here are a few theme ideas for the perfect beach wedding:

Preppy Beach Wedding (Spring/early summer)

For the bride:  3 S’s – Strapless, Silk, sash
For the groom: navy sports coat
For the maids: Short flirty dresses
For the men: navy sports coat and khakis

Colors:  Navy, Hot pink, or any “poppy” color 

Décor: Monograms, Big bold flowers, Vases and linens, SparklyTea lights

A Rustic Beach Wedding (end of summer/early fall)

For the bride: Long and flowing, empire waist, floral embellishments
For the groom: Pink tie
For the maids: Short or long, vintage inspired
For the men: Grey suits

Colors: Neutrals, Taupe, Grey, Blush and muted tones (think sunset)

Décor: Driftwood, Baby breath (yes! it can be chic, we promise), Mason jars

A Romantic Beach Wedding (fall / winter)

For the bride: Lace
For the groom: White tie
For the maids: Long jewel tone dresses
For the men: Black suits

Colors: Jewel tones, Fuchsias and Deep Purples are stunning against the backdrop of the ocean.

Décor:  Taper candles, votives and tea lights (lots and lots of candles!) Glass candlesticks, Romantic flowers in rich tones


Happy Planning!