Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: 3 Items You Don't Want to Forget

The most important items can be the easiest to overlook...
They may not as exciting as your dress, floral decor or invitations, but these items are the most necessary! 

Here are some reminders and tips to getting hitched.. without a hitch!

Marriage License
- Check your state's application rules at least six months before your big day.
- Marriage requirements can differ even between counties, so do your homework! 
- Talk about the plan for signing the marriage certificate before your BIG DAY.
- Make sure that who ever is sending it in makes a copy beforehand. 

Photo courtesy of Estate Weddings and Events 

Destination Brides:
Triple check the local laws of your destination, including residency requirements
(how long you must be in the country before you apply).
Hold a civil ceremony in the U.S. before you go - just to be safe!

Check out The Knot for tips on tying the knot internationally.  

Name Change
- Change your Social Security card and your drivers license in person and do this first.
- Everything else, credit cards, bank accounts, et cetera, can usually be done online. 
- You can never check the the spelling enough - it all must match!

- Start this process at least 3 months out if you are traveling internationally for your honeymoon.
- Changing your name could take six weeks to process.
(If you're too close for comfort, wait until you return from your honeymoon.)  
- The name on your tickets must match the one on your passport. 

Photo Courtesy of Serendipity Beyond Design 

Common Mistake:  Based on the time of departure, make sure that your passport has at 
least six months before expiration.  If you're close - update it to avoid hassle!