Thursday, December 13, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: S&L's Modern Elegance in the Garden

S&L's Modern Elegance in the Garden

We just adored working with Shelly and Lance on their October 7, 2012 wedding held at Franklin Park Conservatory.  Both bride and groom are in the creative biz (they actually met at work!) and had such a great vision for the details.  This intimate wedding was loaded with special touches and moving moments and we were SO thrilled to be a part of it!  Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Dooley!

Check out the WEDDING VIDEO shot by the talented Todd from Rouxby

 And here just a sampling of pictures from the lovely Lauryn Byrdy...



A few of our wonderful Wedding Partners:

Venue:  Franklin Park Conservatory
Photography:   Lauryn Byrdy
Makeup:  Cheek Makeup by Lindsay
Video:  Rouxby
Hair:  Celebrity Stylist, Daniel Lewis
Nannies:  Mobile Mommies
Cakes:  Kitties Cakes
Florals:  Steven Cox
Dress:  Luxe Redux 

And of course planning by AE's Adrianne and Brittany...xo

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: The Importance of a Timeline


Your timeline is KEY to the smooth running of your wedding day.   If you hire a planner, he or she will create this for you and use it as their bible to ensure you stay on time, your vendors stay on time and the important details of your event happen.   If you aren't working with a planner, it is important that the bride create this as she knows most closely the nitty-gritty of the day.   Use as MUCH detail as possible.  This will tell people the story of your day and give them a full understanding of happenings.

Once your initial timeline is created, send to all of your wedding professionals for approval.  You want to ensure enough time for the catering staff to serve dinner, your photographer to capture family photos, your transportation company to make multiple trips, and so on (and on and on and on)!  It is imperative that your vendors sign off before finalizing.  You want to set them (and your day-of timing) up for success.

Once your timeline is finalized, be sure to send to all of the people involved with your wedding.  Bridal party, parents, and wedding professionals need to know what your expectations are and where they need to be when.  The final timeline should be sent 1-2 weeks prior to your BIG DAY, but starting to spread the word sooner is always good, too.

While your timeline is imperative and acts as a guide throughout the day for timing and details, also know that timelines should also have a bit flexibility, too.  Being off the timeline by 5-10 minutes often happens due to any unforeseen (and unplanned circumstances).  You may not cut the cake at exactly 9:15pm and that's OK!  But you do want to make sure certain events happen on time.  Your ceremony, your cocktail hour and your dinner service.

Pass your timeline on.  If you have not hired a planner, give the timeline to your Maid of Honor or MOB and ask them to keep an eye on it.  The last thing you want to do on your wedding day is worry about timing and whereabouts.  At that point, trust your timeline, trust your vendors and ENJOY your special day.  You deserve it and only happens once!

xx, AE

Friday, November 30, 2012

Happy Hour with AE: Glühwein - a cup of cheer!

This week we bring you a little cup of cheer!  

Glühwein (pronounced glue-vine) is a traditional German mulled wine.  This little cup of cheer is a yummy, crowd-pleasing, warm beverage that is PERFECT this time of year.  

It's easy to make and leaves your house smelling of cinnamon and spice for hours.  Our dear friend, Steven G., shared this special recipe with us (he is the master at it)!  

In honor of Village Lights in our German Village neighborhood this weekend, we will be making it all by ourselves on Sunday.   Come on by and try it!

photo courtesy of Winemonger

From Darling Steven:

Here is my recipe! It's definitely not a strict recipe, it can be changed to the drinker's preference. The key is to balance the sugar and the wine. If you are using a dry red wine, then for every bottle,  I use 3/4 cup sugar and 3/4 cup water. If you use a sweeter red wine, then I use 1/2 cup sugar and 1/2 cup water.

What you'll need:

3 bottles of red wine (I use merlot)

2 1/4 cup sugar

2 1/4 cup water

12-15 whole cloves

4 or 5 cinnamon sticks

One lemon (peeled and juiced)

One orange (peeled and juiced)

In a large saucepan, combine the sugar, water, cloves, cinnamon sticks, lemon and orange peels, and juices (I strain the juices into the mix in order to avoid seeds and pulp). Bring that to a boil so all the sugar dissolves and then reduce heat to low and simmer uncovered for fifteen minutes.

In a large pot, pour in the red wine. Strain the flavored sugar mixture into the pot of red wine. Make sure to not let any of the solids fall into the pot. Stir the wine and sugar mixture together and heat until scalding. Don't let it boil! If you do, then all the alcohol (and fun) will evaporate! Serve the glühwein in warmed mugs and garnish with a cinnamon stick!

Glühwein- a cup of cheer!

ENJOY!!  xo, AE

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Happy Hour with AE: Apple Cider Punch

Happy Hour with AE!  Apple Cider Punch 

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, we are bringing you a super simple, super crowd pleasing little concoction that will be all the rage among your guests.   Apple Cider Punch can be served cold in a punch bowl or warm (bonus!) by simply heating in a slow cooker or simmering on the stove.  Feel free to take some creative liberties when making the warm version of this yummy little recipe - the spicier, the better!  And don't forget your cinnamon stick garnish! 

Apple Cider Punch for 20 
(double, triple, quadruple recipe to your needs!) 

10 cups of apple cider
20 ounces of spiced rum
10 ounces cinnamon Schnapps
1 tsp. butter (optional) to warm version
Spices to taste to warm version 
5 sliced apples (great use of those little beauties you picked recently at the apple farm!) 

Directions (Cold):
Fill a punch bowl or other drink dispenser (we love this cutie from Pottery Barn)with ice (frozen cranberries also work and look beautiful) 

Add the apple cider, rum, and Schnapps. 

Slice the apples and add. 

Photo Courtesy of Crafty Pie 

Directions (Warm):
In slow cooker or on lowest heat setting on stove, heat the cider for one hour and add spices to taste.  Cinnamon, nutmeg, orange peel, and a dash of clove are our favorites

Before serving, add rum, Schnapps and apples.  

Voila!  Delicious!  And your home will smell wonderful!  No need even for a spicy candle! 

Wish you a cozy and happy Thanksgiving!  

Love, AE