Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Invitation Etiquette & Tips

Wedding invitations do not always have to be traditional, but when it comes to etiquette, there are a few items we think must stay classic!

Here are a few helpful tips to invite etiquette...The AE WAY!

What to include:
The hosts.
Your names.
The date, time, and location of the ceremony.
 Reception information.
RSVP information.

Photo Courtesy of Paper Petal

Who receives invitations and how many do I send?
Married couples & couples living at the same address:
Receive one invitation

Receive one invitation (however, children 18+, should receive their own invitation)

Singles Guests:
Each receive their own invitation

Should be included with the invitation for the guest receiving the "plus-one"

When do I send my invitations out?
Invitations should hit mailboxes about 2 months before your wedding date.
RSVPs should be due 1 month before your wedding date.
This gives you plenty of time to finalize planning and loose ends.  

Wording Guidelines:
Wording wedding invitations should be as much about your personal style as anything.  Not all invitations need to be formal.  Some invitations can be modern, but traditionally worded.
 When in doubt go with your gut.  

Photo Courtesy of Kleinfeld Paper 

One more AE Tip:
Wedding invitations should only include the critical, basic, information.  Any items regarding registry, accommodations, directions, etc. should be included on a wedding website or a separate card.