Sunday, February 27, 2011

Traditional v. Non-Traditional

A big trend today in weddings and events in general are to do "out of the box" things which are designed to be memorable and different.  WHICH WE LOVE.  However, we do encourage you to remember that a traditional element is done over and over again, becuase it deserves to be.   

Take music for instance.  Yes, it's super cool to process down the line to "all the single lades" or another trendy song, but please please please think on this carefully before deciding.  The Wedding March and Canon in D are traditional songs that you hear over and over again becuase they invoke emotion and are as beautiful as a bride deserves.  Not every song can achieve this. 

Same goes for attire.  Trust us, we LOVE fashion and trends, but if you are worried for one second that in 20 years you will look back and wonder why you wore that birdcage veil, yellow wedding dress or any number of (albeit cool) trends, then please consider reconsidering.  White (or ivory) wedding dresses and veils that match are traditional becuase again, they are beautiful and special and a bride deserves her attire to be those things on her big day.  They also connect you to millions of women:  you have one very important day in common - the day you were A BRIDE.

If you are walking the line between bucking tradition completely or perhaps just a little bit, consider these ways to show your individuality and creativity:
1. Flowers and decor.  Your bridesmaids do not have to all carry roses or another traditional wedding flower.  Consider having each bridesmaid carry a different bouquet of wild flowers or any other flowers you may like.  Each maid carrying a bouquet of a different flower not only adds interest to their overall look, but also shows how you recognize and embrace THEIR individuality.
2. Get creative with your bar - have a super sexy or uber trendy signature drink/martini bar/mixers/etc. etc. etc. Guests will appreciate this too.  We all love a good old vodka tonic but having a MRS-TINI with elderflower (or some other slightly obscure mixer) is even more special and memorable.
3. Get creative with your printed materials.  You can go crazy here.  The more interesting, the better!  Have save the dates with a calendar and mini-pencil, send a message in a bottle (if you are having a beach wedding), have signs and notes and pretty printed things anywhere and everywhere.  THESE non-traditonal touches are VERY memorable and very special. 

We can go on and on and ON AND ON!  But, the bottom line is this.  Think on these things.  Have you always been a rebel?  If so, then please continue on (and we will be excited to help you come up with those quirky, fun elements). 

However, If you are just trying to break out of the "it's already been done" wedding blues...don't worry so much.  You and your amazing groom are special enough to shine all on your own, Canon in D will only enhance that.  Promise.      

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

West Coast Wedding Weekend

One of my all-time fave clients, Dana and Ashley Aminan hosted the most gorgeous wedding weekend In October.  Their guests were treated to 5 days of fun events: 

Wednesday Night:
Small Group Dinner at The French Laundry in Yountville

Thursday Night
Rehersal Dinner at the uber chic Zare at Fly Trap serving persian infused dishes.

Friday Night
Ceremony and Dinner at a private winery estate in Napa Valley

Saturday Night
Sweetest Day Soiree
A swanky sultry cocktail party hosted at the private residence:  White Palace in the heart of San Francisco.  Guests arrived on trolleys and it was a perfect end to the weekend.

Yummy farewell brunch featuring the couples favorite pastries and light morning bites. 

It was such a pleasure and honor to be involved in the planning of this couple's event.  They had such a great vision and we "branded" their wedding better than any Fortune 500 company could do.