Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Bridal Bouquet Basics

There is more than just flowers that go into designing a bridal bouquet.
When working with your florist, consider some these pointers to make your bouquet fit perfectly into all aspects of your big day!

Your bouquet should complement your figure, not compete with it. It is important to have an arrangement that is proportional to your body. 

Dress Shape
Your dress and your bouquet should harmonize and enhance one another. If your gown is very simple, that leaves room for a more elaborate bouquet. Gowns with more embellishments should be accompanied by simpler arrangements. 

Photo courtesy of Vogue

Your venue can influence how your bouquet looks as well.  If you’re getting married in an outdoor space, don’t compete with the existing vegetation. Natural bouquets complement intimate outdoor weddings quite nicely.  For a more traditional wedding venue, a simpler arrangement with clean lines will do wonders. 

Photo courtesy of Rustic Wedding Chic
Create a price point and stick to it.  Decide which flowers you can’t live without and which flowers you’d be willing to find alternatives for. Your florist can help you create the bouquet of your dreams at a price you love. 

AE Tip: Using flowers that are in season can help you save a few pennies. Here's a handy site to see what blooms will be in season on your special day. 
Make sure your florals complement your color scheme.  It doesn’t have to match completely, but should certainly not clash.

Photo courtesy of Sweet Chic Events

AE Tip:  When in doubt, just remember that your bouquet should be reflective of your unique tastes and personality.  Be careful not to stray too far from your natural taste.  

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Send Them Off In Style

Celebrate the brand new couple!
AE has a few suggestions that will send you off in style! 

Photo Courtesy of United with Love

Bubbles. For the whimsical couple! Each guests will receive a mini bottle of bubbles, a hit with the kids!

Sprinkles. Walking on the sweeter side... Sprinkles come in an assortment of colors and shapes to match your special day.

Confetti. Let's get the party started! Popped, tossed, or sprinkled, this send off will have guests ready to move and groove at the reception!

Flowers. For the classic couple. Flower peddles give off a romantic vibe and gorgeous photos.

Wheat. Gives the slightest country feel.  Perfect to lead into a reception that will be outdoors!

AE Tip: Be sure to check with your ceremony venue or church to make sure there are no restrictions on what is allowed to be tossed.  Alway check on clean up rules - leaving the area in pristine condition is the best bet!

Monday, August 4, 2014

AE Tip: Wedding Hashtags

To hashtag or not to hashtag?

Photo Courtesy of Etsy
Hashtags can offer couples instant gratification with countless candid photos that photographers may miss. However, photos popping up on social media accounts can make other couples shutter at the thought.

On the big day, make your opinion of social media present. Advertise your hashtag on swizzle sticks, napkins, or table cards. For the more private couple, simply asks guests to get unplugged! 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Bridesmaids Commandments

AE offers some advice to help you navigate your bestie's big day-
Be the best bridesmaid you can be!

Photo Courtesy of the Wedding Party

1. Be agreeable. Give a blanket approval for anything and everything the bride has planned, its her day after all. 

2. Take charge! Plan a drama free shower or bachelorette party.

3. Make friends. The bridal party will be your new best friends until the big day, and possibly some future friends too! 

4. Speak carefully. Weddings can bring out a little bit of stress, little comments could mean big blow ups. 

5. Pick up the phone. Avoid passive aggressive texts and emails by simply making a phone call. 

6. Try on your dress. Making sure it fits is privy to the big day.

7. Consider hair and make-up. Make sure your style and ideas are within the brides vision. 

8. This isn't about you. At all. Keep your opinions to yourself, you're there to support the bride and groom!

9. Drink responsibly. Your duties go all night, not to mention your presence in the wedding photos. Smudged make-up and a stained dress? No thank you! 

10. Have a ball! Dinner, drinks, dancing?! Enjoy it! 

Monday, July 21, 2014

AE tip: Signature Drink

You can never go wrong with bringing a signature cocktail into the mix..

AE loves to coordinate a specialty drink with the theme of the party!

Photo Courtesy of Indulgy

.. & it's always nice to keep it seasonal!

Summer bash?
Something light and fruity.

Baby shower?
Offer a mocktail.

Fall gathering?
Try a hot cider. 

Friday, July 18, 2014

Happy Hour: Watermelon Fizz

Mix up your morning mimosas with this summer fresh cocktail!

Watermelon Fizz
Photo Courtesy of Diane, A Broad

This simple recipe follows: 

1 small watermelon 
 2 limes
1 bottle of champagne 

Peel and cube the the watermelon; puree in a blender or food processor. Strain the watermelon through a fine mesh strainer.  Squeeze the lime into the strained watermelon juice and top with champagne. Give the cocktail a big stir and serve in your favorite glasses! 

As always, enjoy responsibly! 
Xo, AE

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Dress Shopping Tips

Where should you start? 
Without a little organization, dress shopping for the big day can be slightly overwhelming.

AE has a few simple steps to get you started off on the right foot! 

Photo Courtesy of Kitty Haw

Step 1: Set your budget. Once you know how much money you have to spend, figure out which stores fit in your price range. 

Step 2: Book your venue. Make sure to keep the season and site in mind when picking out your gown. A long heavy train on the beach?! No way!

Step 3: Do your research. Have fun flipping through magazines, get ideas and inspiration! Try to zero in on what styles and designers you like the best, this will help narrow down your options in the store. 

Step 4: Find your shopping personality. What kind of experience are you looking for? Quite, intimate time with mom? Check local bridal shops. A weekend getaway with girlfriends? Go to a destination salon. 

Happy Shopping!!